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Science Rodeo

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Tell us a bit about yourself, what you can do and how many hours you can spend.
As soon as the online forum is built I’ll send you the login

On the forum members can vote what will be our next subjectmatter and style of the video’s.

Unemployed Research Journalists
+ Visual artists
+ Cancelled Scientists
=== Science Rodeo !!

Media people help scientists to get their message across.
There are 2 problems: together we can solve them.
1. Researchers are being cancelled and start up their own science hubs. But they cannot explain their complicated science (about Antibody dependent enhancement etc) because the journalists do not have enough background to begin to understand.
2. When ADDHOC asked mainstream editors why they only printed one side of the story and not ask for rebuttal the answer was: ”We don’t have the knowhow to interpret contradicting science reports and therefore just copy the officials. We don’t know who to ask for rebuttal because they all say something else and we don’t know who is right. “

The solution is to join forces. And as a group make explainer FAQ site and explainer video’s.
The first step is to make a forum where we meet: scientists, writers, visual artists, fundraisers, lT logistics.
-I have already gathered several crucial science papers on Mendeley online library. Join this Mendeley group!
-make a forum where cancelled mediamembers and scientist can meet online. Mastodon. Who can help me with that?
-On this forum members could submit suggestions and vote for each decision
-On the forum you also can sign up to do a chore. For instance translate an science article into a scripts for 15 minute explainer video. Or write a FAQ. Together we decide on the best workflow

ADDHOC is a testsite. As soon as we have our forum and network in place and made the first video’s, and after some experimentation we are happy with our result: then Science Rodeo will move to a more professional site.

(Eventually we could make a paying service for big mainstream media titles – if the members vote for that. A media outlet could outsource its science info check and rebuttal to Science Rodeo: The main makers and members of Science Rodeo would share in the profit after costs + 1 or 2 FTE.)