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Monthly Archives: juni 1015

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Vitamin D

Should we avoid the sun to prevent Melonoma (skin cancer) and always use a sunblock? But: Sunblocks are blocking our vitamine D.  Dr. Michael F. Holick of the University of California gives a great entertaining lecture on this issue at 22 april 2016 in Vienna:


JUNE 2015 Welcome to the first tablet issue of ADDHOC! This tablet magazine is a first try to make a global digital magazine on adhd as an ”ADHD DIGEST”:  A collection of the best info worldwide on adhd. -Bear in mind it’s under construction and

Vintage Ritalin advertisements 1960’s US

Nowadays advertising medicine directly to people is not allowed. But in the 1960’s that was no problem. If you Google ‘vintage medicine advertisement’ or so, on Pinterest and elsewhere you will find collections of funny, shocking or surprising adds. I’m not illustrating any opinion here, I

Virals in adhd land

Is there no adhd in France? Did the man who discovered adhd confess on his deathbed that adhd did not exist? Is adhd a food-allergy? Is Mindfullness the cure for everything? Online these questions are going round like viral urban legends. 1. “No adhd in

Marie Kondo

The Life-Changing Magic Of Tidying Up By Marie Kondo It is written as a normal to do book. Tools and rules like al the other selfhelp books. But that is just the form. Behind it there is a hidden message: giving things a place will