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JUNE 2015

Welcome to the first tablet issue of ADDHOC!

This tablet magazine is a first try to make a global digital magazine on adhd as an ”ADHD DIGEST”:  A collection of the best info worldwide on adhd. -Bear in mind it’s under construction and looking for funds.

WHO? Addhoc is mainly put together by dutch blogger V.F. Wiendels who also makes She is an anthropologist, journalist and add / adhd person herself. Here is her LinkedIn page. has monthly about 700 unique readers.


Publisher: ADDHOC Media Master. V.F. Wiendels.
Chamber of Commerce, Utrecht, the Netherlands: 56722443
Donations: Bankaccount IBAN: NL20 TRIO 0390158704

WHAT? ADHD DIGEST. A collection of the best Independent articles on Adhd, Add Dyslexia, Sensitivity and Braindiversity. Addhoc combines different angles: From measurable Science to contemplative Philosophy. From social media to conference rooms. News -Politics -Food -Celebs. Half of the magazine is a visual showcase of art.

The current emphasis on statistical research in the adhd science field gives us little real information. Adhd Digest tries to look beyond statistics.

Addhoc might publish clashing views. If there is contradicting information, we just publish both and let you decide. We are not in favour or against pills nor have a strong persuasion that adhd is always a disorder or a talent. The group of adhd people is too divers:There is nothing objective to say about it, that counts for everyone. Besides, we don’t even know adhd exists per se.

WHERE? Now on Google Play but we might move to another digital magazine Kiosk in the future.

WHY? As you can read in an article under the tab Science of this issue, there is a lot of ”sloppy science” going on, especially in the field of adhd research. Addhoc wants to examine the researchers.  With enough funding Addhoc would dedicate more time on research journalism.

A lot of blogs and magazines are not independent: their advertisers are linked to the pharmaceudical industry. This is influencing the content. Our own independent magazine could make us understand our brain better, from our own perspective. A collection of interviews, new insights and tools will bring knowledge further.

Scientists often publish and read within their own branche. Adhd overlaps many different branches. An Adhd Digest digital magazine worldwide would enable people to read outside their niche and learn from other disciplines.

Half the magazine is visual: conceptual photography sometimes tells a more emotional story and captures a feeling. Cartoons can put a thought or concept into a completely different context and make you think twice.

HOW? Addhoc needs advertisers too. And sponsors. But we cannot place any advertisement of a pharmaceutical company. Advertisers reach our readership with interests like sport, art, travel. The adhd community is often early adapter and fond of all media.
Send us your tips! addhoc’s youtube channel has many playlists of the best youtube films on adhd from all perspectives: funny, critical, serious science, philosophical, practical and celeb interviews.

We would like to collaborate with other adhd blogs and magazines. 

Addhoc wants to set up a Adhd Digest that collects the best adhd info around the world. In return for your articles and images your following will get the magazine for free and you’ll reach a bigger audience, and so will we.
This issue is a first attempt to testdrive our style. After funding addhoc could attract more employers like an english editor, and filmers for our Youtube channel. After funding we could also dig deeper into the Science tab of the magazine and have (Skype-) interviews with researchers as well. Another ambition is to write about succesfull adhd living, collecting tips and tools of VIP adhd people organizing.

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