Science Rodeo: Studio and FAQ

Natural Immunity is the first project by Science Rodeo to crowdfund the making of explainer video’s and this FAQ site. Take a dip into the latest key Covid researchpapers to quickly understand the basics.

The Info level is aimed for journalists: educated people, just not in biomedics. And for everyone else as well.

Explainer video’s

For a non-biomedically trained person it is hard to visualize how immunity works. Visualisations can help to understand complex processes. An overview of the fundaments of immunology offers a framework: to place other detailed information.

  • What did scientists learn about the immunesystem they didn’t know before?
  • What science hubs on respiratory disease and corona are there in the world?
  • Gamechanging key research papers. Canon of Covid.
  • Does natural immunity exist? Pro’s and Con’s.
  • What is antibody dependent enhancement?
  • What test measures what?
  • How to know what info is real science? What to look for
  • etc.

Science Rodeo wants to write the scripts together with the scientists: have zoommeetings what is your biggest problem in media: what info is most frequently misunderstood ? We could crowdfund and gift an explainer video to an expert science group and have them vote for what content needs explaining most urgently. They then dont have to tell the same story again and can refer to the video custommade for them.
The video would be in the style of Kurtzgezagt/ In a Nutshell on Youtube: outsource the making to the likes of them (with enough crowdfunding). Or we experiment ourselves with different explainer styles. (or hire via Fiverr)
ADDHOC is the scriptwriter, fundraiser, experimenter and the joint between visualizers and content experts.


We start to gather the most key science research papers on our Mendeley online library. It is already online click on link.
During the pandemic a lot of new info was discovered, sometimes even paradigmshifting.

-1.rewrite the most fundamental info into FAQ’s Frequently Asked Questions on this site.
-2. this info is used to write scripts. After fundraising we have them made into an explainer video’s.
-3. A next project would turn series of explainder video’s into an online course, with certificates that are accredited by an expert team, if you pass the test. These online courses would give journalists and others a kickstart in fundamentals and bare basics of covid info: just enough to feel safe to debate about it, to interview experts without getting lost in details. To ask for rebuttal, to have the tools to debate about it even though you are not a virologist.
-4. Ultimately could also have an online expert team where journalists can pose a question and experts answer them. Media outlets can purchase access.

Help! to realize this mission: info at