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How to find reliable information these days? A provisional overview of sources :

Science Traditional Titels

-BMJ Brittish Medical Journal (BMJ Publishing Group): Does not back down. Independent. Even published a letter against cancellation of their articles by Facebook.

-Cell (Cell Press) zoomed in on a microscopic level

-Science (American Association for the advancement of Science): science not always separated from politic.

-Pubmed /Medline. (National Institute for Health, America)
-The Lancet (Reed Business) . Reed Business is a publisher that puts pressure on their editors.
-Nature (Springer), hit and miss, contradicting info on Covid. Does have great visuals.  Preprintserver for Health Sciences. Supported by BMJ, Yale, CSH.
Preprint also means: pre- cancellation.

-Frontiers in Public Health. Were the only ones to publish Benskins research

-EMA European Medicins Agency.
Safety of COVID-19 vaccines | European Medicines Agency (
-EudraVigilance is Europe’s official side effect counting by EMA:
European database of suspected adverse drug reaction reports (

Science Newly emerged independent academic collaborations

VITAMINE D . Site of 220 scientist united around vitamine D. Initiated by L. Benskin.

IVERMECTIN  A collection of all studies around Ivermectin

EARLY TREATMENT Science collection around early treatment C19.

FLCCC | Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance ( Alliance of doctors initiated Pierre Kory (specialist in long infections). Better treatments of Covid19.

BIBLIOTHEEK – Maurice de Hond
Maurice de Hond has put his whole library on aerosols online. / bibliotheek

Raisa Blommestijn – Universiteit Leiden    @rbblommestijn
Hanno Wisse
Arno Wellens (financial and legal)
FAQ – Viruswaarheid  Dutch legal action foundation. Kennisbank op met testresulaten, voorbeeldbrieven, ea.

The dutch doctors collective ( artsencollectief ) collection of links of important institutes

News sites
ENG both site with background artikcels and Youtube interviews
Peak Prosperity

Project Veritas

Democracy Now
Global Justice Now
Human Rights Advocacy for Social Justice | RFK Human Rights Robert F Kennesy Foundation

EU observer
Tablet Magazine (Scot Horton, Dave Smith?)
netizens. /
The daily poster /

The Expose – Home (

The McCullough Report – America Out Loud

Follow the Money (betaalde site)  Erik van Horst

-Dr. John Campbell Youtube teacher, explains biology of Covid19 in laymans terms and really independent. Explainers, interviews with both patients, doctors and researchers.
-Dark Horse van Brett Weinstein (ao interviews Linda Benskin en Gruff Davies)
-Dr. Peter McCullough

-Joe Rogan (ao interviews Malone, McCullough, Matt Taibbi)
-No Agenda by Adam Curry and J.C. Dvorak. ‘Value for value’ podcast ‘Boots on the ground’ producers. Podcast listeners send in their own interviws. Travellers in Africa, Truckers in Canada, Nurses at IC wards. Onlineforum. Live meetups.
-Russel Brand. The only left voice. 5 million subscribers on Youtube. Spiritual interviews on Luminary.

NL podcasts
-Radio 2 op zn Kop: Marianne Zwagerman & Rick van Velthuysen. + Marianne Zwagerman op Youtube.
-De Nieuwe Wereld op Youtube
-V for Valentine
-Jorn Luka
-Bakkie met Bergsma

Pierre Kory
Dr. Malone Archive Stack | Substack
TK News van Matt Taibbi. TK News by Matt Taibbi | Substack
Steve Kirsch. Steve Kirsch’s newsletter | Substack
Glenn Greenwald. Glenn Greenwald | Substack
Dave L. Smith’s Cassandra Chronicles
Aaron Siri. Injecting Freedom | Aaron Siri | Substack
NS Lions
John C. Dvorak
Aaron Matte

Daniel vd Tuin Daniël’s Data Nieuws | Daniël van der Tuin | Substack
ADDHOC Newsletter | Substack
nieuwsletter, geopolitics. Elze van Hamelen:  @ElzevH
Huig Plug. Datasurveillance @plughuig
Jan Bonte @hommel_b

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