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Ask your question on immunity !

Immunity FAQ

Building a Wiki and FAQ library on most frequently asked questions on immunity. Under construction.
Forming an expert team. Translating science.

We present to you the latest scientific articles in an online library, easy access for everyone. For each complicated subject we crowdfund and find ways to translate and visualize the academic biomedical information.

Goals and ambitions:
FAQ Frequently asked questions site.
Knowledge portal on Immunity, in times of Covid.
Information around biomedics, immunity, respiratory viruses, statistics, strategy, immunology.
Forum: discussion safe haven for scientists and journalists.
Legal / Journalistic / Science.
Wiki (under construction).
Expertgroup Factcheck (under construction). In time possibly also an independent factcheck by our best scientists group, for other press outlets, on commission.
Listing other online libraries. Building an overview of who is doing what in the world of covid.
Translate science jargon into laymans media and … visa versa.
Crowdfund visualizations film and infographics.
– Press agency ..?

Help us build the best online library on immunity.