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Immuun system altered by Iceman

‘The Iceman’ – Wim Hof – broke more than twenty Worldrecords for the Guiness book of Worldrecords. Some people thought he was crazy, holding his breath for six minutes, swimming under ice, climbing mountains barefoot or running half a marathon dressed in only shorts, north of the arctic circle. As a guest on tv entertainment shows he performed his tricks.

However, in 2013 the Radboud University Nijmegen, the Netherlands, researchers Matthijs Kox, Peter Pickkers and others, proved his method was serious.

For the first time in history they found scientific proof of consiously influencing the immuun systeem.

Untill then scientists worldwide thought the immuun system and the autonomic nervous system could not be influenced by our concious minds at will.

Already in 2011 Wim Hof proved there were more white blood cells in his blood after meditation than just before. However one person does not prove anything in science.

So two years later a test was done with 24 people. Half the group followed an intensive 10 day training program with Wim Hof. This training included

  1. breathing techniques
  2. cold water
  3. focus, mindset and meditation

Both groups were injected with flu. The impossible happened: Wim’s group stayed fit and the control group had a fever and was shivering.

You will find the pdf of the scientific publication here:


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