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Neurotoxin MSG: Is your food messing with your brain?

Different blogs warn for MSG. Mono Sodium Glutanate, in europe it is called E621. And in Asia it is named Vehtsin.

Is this savory additive in our food a treath to adhd people? It is called a neurotoxine because it affects the making of neurotransmitters in your body. General scientific studies could never prove the harm in this additive, however it is not allowed in baby food. So completely harmless it is not.

People with allergies often claim MSG is giving them health problems like dizyness and acne, and a constant tired feeling. Others feel irregular heart palptations. What do you think? The best way to find out if you are sensitive to MSG is just not to eat it for a month. Then you can tell the difference? This video shows that since 1991 nothing changed: the controversy remains, there is still a large MSG intolerant group of people: it was not a hype. Since the nineties no serious scientific study was done on neurotoxins or exitotoxins in processed food. And the labelling of supermarket food has not improved.

Michael Kerr,

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