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The secret of the vanishing dots

connecting the dotsSteve Jobs RIP talks in this speech to graduating students on how he dropped out of university and instead took useless classes like calligraphy. (listen to his famous ”connecting the dots” speech on bottom of this page) He followed his passions without having an end goal. Later in hindsight, everything he did contributed to his later success.

I like his philosophy better than the opposite one. To ”The Secret” followers, visualizing the end goal is crucial. If you visualize that hard enough: miraculously you attract everything in the universe that leads to that goal. But both philosophies have in common that everything leads to: here and now. It was all meant to be. I would like to add some thoughts:

Apple under Jobs initiated many more devices that never made it. They spend millions and years of work on prototypes of things that never worked. And even if some invention made it to the shops it was not always successful. Like the Imac: the computer inside the screen: not a good idea. That only works for a lap-top (and now Ipad). And that first lap-top was not Apple (it was IBM connecting de dots of electronic typewriters with the dots of the computer-world).

It is never only your own dots you use. We use each other’s dots as well.

And not all dots lead to the final result. If you have a successful end-result: you will remember what lead you there. And you forget all the dots that were in vain. The mistakes you learned from are not in the final glorious picture. You erase them.

So one cheer for The Secret Dots! The boulevard of broken dreams. So vividly in our minds but cannot materialize because they missed the connection to others. Alone we are no part of any picture; we need to be justified by others. The Secret Dots vanish from the history-books. Sometimes if they don’t want to vanish, they might also be killed by a tribe of dots protecting their bigger picture.

The dots belong to the universe. And maybe even the biggest looser has accidently left some unnoticed dots. That might be connected by future generations. Vincent Van Gogh only sold one painting in his lifetime.

Maybe dots are not like christmas lights: if one doesnt work the whole chain is lost. The chain reaction has many directions. The weakest link in one might be a much needed puzzlepiece in another. Or like DNA passing on invisably into the future, untill suddently it clicks, lightening up the whole branche.

We don’t know so all we can do is follow our passions for better for worse like true love. There is hope for people who have no clue of what their doing: Even if you don’t know what your looking for, you still might find it. Or else maybe it will find you. Keep on dreaming and trying. For ever amen.

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