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Catch 22


You cannot neglect me
If I am invisible

The perfect answer to a catch-22 !
So I hid in your blindspot
all those defining years
Keeping my dreams clean

Fastforward now, people say
they would listen, if I had the right words
they could feel, if I made them
they would see, if I showed on display

I thought I choked in fear of disdain and contempt
But when I spoke up they approved and applauded
And then I still couldn’t stand it
So I found it was Judgement I couldn’t stand
… still your box I visit

Another answer to this new 22
In the shadows we are not alone
Take these arms to hide with you
Look into unseen eyes to see you
Only listeners hear the sound of silence

Could we write our own language
And keep our dreams clean
Untill their light is just a lack of shadow
They can only know us
when they are craving for our shade

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