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Fly like a penguin


Come what may. My lifeline
Come what may . Hold on time
I could never leave you: my mind
You entered my dreamtime to catch my fall
The toll was high but priceless

Like a shark always on the move
Like a celtic tree leaves are rooted
Into thin air I’m floating
Lifted by my bootstraps

Keep on moving fragmenting distracting in you fall you call your mind Breaks it down into a thousand pieces mistcurtain hides a need        
Concept quantile fractile only make sense in dreamtime
Fill the void fill the void hold your breath

Fly like a penguin.
Fly under water. (pinguins fly under water)

Could you own it own the void
Without smiles of recognition
How to stop giving into your world
How to build my own where you wont see me.
Today I’ll stop explaining. give up my need for understanding.
They only get it, when it no longer counts. ….. stop waiting to belong, and own the void.
(whisper shout: The Voooiiiid)
Pinguins fly under water. Oh.
Fly under water. Breath in the void. B
reath in the void. It’s allright. Its allright.
(whisper: Or will you come see me? )

Fly like a penguin. Fly under water. (pinguins fly under water)
Eggs don’t hatch under water.
Forgive and return to solid ground.
Your going down going under.
Fill the need don’t fill the void.
(whisper: or will you come see me?)
Come what may

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