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Minding about Neuroscience


Am I too much or too little
too high or too low?
didn’t you forget to measure something
…… too much of What?

You slice, magnitize
counting electro radiowave
but you could have just asked:
every brain has a mouth

Why not study Experience and Perception
after all: That is what a brain is for

Do you think thought can’t be measured
in any scientific way
other than its traces in grey hardware
all sliced up, quantified in Lorenz’ butterfly

Why not just ask the part that´s consious,
the part with the mouth
You know, that taxpaying part
paying all your MRI and microscope bills

Consiousness gives raise to the brain
And the other way around
We give raise to our ways, and our ways to us
But only We have a mouth

If you want to know brainarchitecture
Ask the builder if not the architect
Or are you afraid to see You’re in that picture as well
Your categories have their effect

For we cannot see ourselves
But I can see you
We all shine on each others blindspot
Expanding conscious light

what it is with other perspectives
They also have another angle at you
you perceive your norm to be outside the picture, not up for debate
But its right in the middle to me

You  need to zoom out to a meta level
your Lorenz curves will all come together
you normative dichotome categories have nothing on me
when you judge you cannot see

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