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Poisonous apples for breakfast

poisonous apples for breakfast
now so used to the twang
feedback looping reactive
must poke to get supply again
caught in circle: fawn – disdain

let this collision wake you up
you found you match of projection
let this mirror show now see I beg
(for they need you in next level)
and see how your pieces match
her truth is yours disowned

fawn disdain whatever side
a merge turns fear to pride

brings lightness to a hoarder
and roots to a wanderer
freewheel and controller
blindspot light on each other

your border has no line
trespass never indicated 
how are they supposed to know
instead you let it dwell
until the overwhelm
reminds you of denial
stuck on repeat you still treat
everyone as you couldn’t then
foe and friend alike
until the prophecy forfills itself
stuck in repeat but you never met
such an antagonist alike

here you go again
outsourcing the blame
all in black and white so dichotome
the battle outside of you is you only you it’s you
from where I stand so plain to see
you grab each others troat
then name the strugglings and grasps for air
Your Betrayal

I wonder why with me
this charade so resonates
and why only in third person I can feel betrayed
and how now do I apply my own lesson
to turn fear into pride
by taking your perspective
because I lost something I never had
but see it now acted out before me
and feel the boarder once so violated
and finding the words to tell 
of the gallery of neglect passing me
and courage to be me without permission

when we swallowed our pride
that was a threat to others
and our needs were tresspassing
the limits of others
Maybe it serves a purpose
could come in handy one day
this cognitive sense of 
turning a blind eye to the blind mirror