Vitamin D

Should we avoid the sun to prevent Melonoma (skin cancer) and always use a sunblock?

But: Sunblocks are blocking our vitamine D. 

Dr. Michael F. Holick of the University of California gives a great entertaining lecture on this issue at 22 april 2016 in Vienna:


Our skin makes vitamin D after exposure to the sun. Old information told us vitamin D was only needed to avoid Rickets (bone disorder). Only 15 minutes of sun on just your head and hands would be enough to avoid that if you are white and live in Europe or America. But prof. Holick (and others) says that rickets is an extreme case of vitamine D deprivation. That this is only the visual tip of the iceberg. We really need much more: up to 2 to 4 hours of outdours activity, to make all the vitamine D we really need for optimal performance. Vitamin D is needed for the immuun system and to make neurotransmitters. (The body cannot take Magnesium in without vitamine D: it is believed to be a co-helper in many ortho molecular systems we do not comprehend yet).

Spring Lassitude is linked to lack of vitamine D. March and april are the months where people are tested with the least amount of D in their blood of the whole year. The body can store this vitamin, but in springtime that stock is all used up. A new load will be made as soon as the sun is back.

Now some scientists like Holick take things further. Chronical fatique often cleares up after taking vitamine D. But also is D likely to play a role at the intake of magnesium!

A lack of neurotransmitters like dopamine or serotonine can cause depression, chaos, anxiety.

The theory is: Magnesium is needed to make dopamine. The presence of vitamine D in the blood is needed to take Magnesium in. 

And last but not least: the immuun system needs vitamine D. And so some people think lack of D has to do with cancer. (so do we get cancer from too much or too little sun tan lotion???)

lorealUV filtersWhy are there UV filters in daycreams used every day during the year? Is anti-aging more important than the production of our main hormone/ co-enzym Vitamine D?

Because of UV sun filters in many skin creams and the constant media message to use a sun tan lotion now more people are vitamine D deficient.


Conclusion: Only use sunlotion to prevent sunburn, don’t use UV filters during the rest of the year. Wear a miniskirt (doctors orders!).