Tcell research causes a paradigm shift

There is an outright war going on right now in science: Two opposing camps both basically accusing the other side of massmurder:
Is mass vaccination hurting our hurdimmunity or is public debate about this hurting vaccination rates?

The ‘bat in the henhouse’ is the article in Cell.. of the Swedish Karolinska Institute prooving Tcell immunity for Covid-19 not only was twice as much as antibodies detected in a population, but much to their surprise it was the asymptomatically infected that had Tcell immunity, without antibodies.
Implications of this study now prove to be far-reaching, beyond the initial good news that we have twice as much herd immunity. Karolinkska’s surprising findings could put everything we know about vaccinations against respiratory disease in another perspective.

Are mass vaccination programs hurting our Tcell herd immunity? Vaccines prevent illness for the individual with antibodies but are not delivering on the needed transformation of white blood cells into killer T-cells. Tcell immunity can beat more variants and is long-lasting. Are we trading a broader natural herd immunity for a quick fix that will keep the virus around?

Current vaccines -especially the mRNA vaccines- are not creating a real Tcell response. If they do it is only against one spike, not against the entire virus.

Quotes of high profile scientists saying contradictory things about reaching herd immunity: both accusing the other of doing more harm than good:

  • On Youtube Dr. Mike Yeadon (Vice president of Pfizer untill 2011) in ‘’Planet Lockdown #5” is almost crying out ‘’Antibodies are nothing! Nothing ! Nothing! Hurdimmunity in respiratory deseases needs Tcells.
  • Great Barrington Declaration ”(…) build up immunity tot he virus through natural infection, while better protecting those who are at highest risk. We call this Focussed Protection.”
  • Sam Brokken. “Natural immunity is better. If we vaccinate less we built a stronger hurdimmunity’’
  • Flamish petition of 3000 researchers and medics to the governement and media. ‘The efficacy of vaccines is judged by antibodies. This is a misrepresentation of the facts”
  • Vaccinating children is depriving them of gaining longlasting real immunity. It takes Tcells to make memory cells and add them to their innate immunity, but vaccins ruin this process.
  • Jaap van Dissel ‘’To vaccinate children between the ages 12 to 18 will reduce R with 15%. This will help the spread during coming winter”.
  • People refusing vaccination are the cause of the shutdown of the economy.
  • A high vaccination rate is protecting the hurd, antivaxxers are selfish and causing harm.
    Both teams are accusing the other of causing an ideal Corona mutation playground. The mass-vax team because a low vaccination rate is causing the virus to go around longer and have more time to mutate. The focussed-vax teamt sais that a mass injection of a defense against the same exact spike is asking for mutation: we need the diversity of Tcells blocks this.
    When fundamentally new research result shakes the scientific world, under normal circumstances this is food for thought: a feast for the real scientist. Even if you are sure the other team is completely in the wrong: just having to justify your own view is sharpening your mind and pen. There is a new finding about Tcells. Now what?

But there is no fair scientific debate. Scientists who are speaking out in favor of the Tcell thesis are shadow banned or cancelled from platforms. LinkedIn Youtube Facebook and the media are following WHO guidelines. In the midst of a pandemic Big Tech platforms took it upon themselves to bann fake news. Distrust, division and chaos of antivaxxers are the greatest threat to the solution. Only consensus and building trust will do the massive job of jabbing the world, the only way out. Everything else is a threat.
The other team says: muting a scientific debate, hushing virologists and docters -of all people- during a pandemic is the threat. Science is the only way out, and science is made of feedback.
Dr. Yeadon’s collegues don’t speak tot him anymore. Academic hospitals or universitiess good names are attached to the names of their researchers. Publically stating things like ‘’natural immunity is better’’ could jeaperdize the institutes funding and put it in the antivaxxer category.

Natural immunity isnt always better. There are vaccins that do illicit Tcells. (example) And there are vaccins that can give sterile immunity with antibodies. ….. (nature article… ) and wipe out an entire desease with mass vaccination. There is an established paradigm that says antibody vaccins are the golden standard and with good reason. How do we think what this unexpected Tcell research outcome means in medicine: Dont loose sight of the ball, in the midst of a pandemic with all its emotions and powerplay to get things done on a massive scale.